Director Patrick Daughters has done numerous award winning videos and ads. He was nominated for a Grammy for his Feist “1234” video; he also directed the video for Grizzly Bears Two Weeks. – Themusic was done by groundbreaking band, Grizzly Bear. This was their first commercial score for an ad. (They recently licensed a song for a VW spot.) CWU partnered with them to write, create, and shape the song. Their latest album, Veckatimist, was released in 2009 and reached #8 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Veckatimist made many Top Album lists for 2009 (#1 Wall Street Journal, #4 Pitchfork, #6 New York Times, #8 Time). – The spot was choreographed by Michael Rooney who has choreographed key dance scenes in films by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights and Magnolia) and Spike Jonze. And most recently, he choreographed “500 Days of Summer” and was rewarded with two golden globe nominations. He has also worked with Dancing With The Stars to choreograph their dances. – The set design was created by some of the same ingenious people that worked with Spike Jonze to create Where The Wild Things Are.



  • @kangrena213 the Girl dancing? Tara Avise.. wonderful dancer, though the movements on the clips do not show her true talent

  • thelaurennlesleyshow

    July 13, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    @tehswardsman oh.

  • @thelaurennlesleyshow Actually it’s by Grizzly Bear, but they’ve confirmed that it’s not a full track.

  • thelaurennlesleyshow

    July 13, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    what song is this?

  • anyone know the girl’s name?

  • @brywool word

  • @timjhickey77 It reminds me of an ATTEMPT at a Beach Boys song, but the vocals in the song just don’t do it for me. Maybe a few more harmonies in there. As for award-winning, lots of things win awards, but that doesn’t mean I dig em. No big deal, just don’t like the ad.

  • @brywool it is a “One minute” ad which is long, but lotto has been doing commercials that are award winning and i think they are constantly trying to out do them selves. I have to like it, I’m in it. But I must add that i honestly do like the song, and we had to listen to it hundreds of times during shoot. It reminds me of a Beach Boys song, and I guess as I get older I get more nostalgic.ALSO, the director is very good at what he does and he is a super nice guy on set, and that goes far with me

  • @timjhickey77 Hi Tim- I wish I could say. I just think the song is really dopey and the ad is just wayyyyy too long. The girl’s fine, the commercial just goes on way too long. If I heard the song on the radio, it wouldn’t be something I’d be into. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, just means I don’t care for it. Most everyone else I know, HATES it. Oh well. Music is subjective, that’s one reason why it’s cool. Enjoy it while I mute it. 😉

  • @brywool What dont you like about it? is it the girl in the commercial? that is why one of my friend’s doesn’t like it. most everyone else i know, LOVES it.

  • Gah hate gambling but I love this ad so much!

  • @femtrooper check out Sithlord999’s channel. he edited a longer version of this. it’s really, really good.

  • @RobertsPerson Thanks, it’s good to hear a longer version of it.

  • @RobertsPerson – YUP! I just can’t believe how much they run this commercial and how long it is. Seriously, when people hear this song, all they’re going to be able to think about is that dumb gal doing the dumb stuff in the dumb commercial. Sorry, just hate it.

  • @S0phie92 someone edited this to be a real song. his name’s sithlord999. you’ll like it.

  • @brywool and I agree with the annoying part. why the fuck does a lottery company need or have a commercial anyway?

  • @brywool sorry about that, then. maybe should you write down to the stations that run it and ask them to give it a rest. that’s all I’m trying to say.

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