Okay, I'm the one who needs help (Bigtime). Tonight. I got an email today, "Desk Coordinator Microsoft (Microsoft Global e-Lottery), Amsterdam», he said that I won in electronic form, the winner of one of candidates 2 Online Sweepstakes (the promotion of software products). It is one million U.S. dollars!
It also states that Mr. Bill Gates, and Intel / Toshiba / Dell and other companies that sponsor a lottery. I do not intend to respond to their email until you learn, the Member States, if it is really genuine,
but I do not know how to do it. MS is like a fortress that no one can break. I sent an email to webmaster hoping to make — and I'm a phone company office, but it would be better. Any
know how to get an agent in multiple sclerosis????



  • Look if you won a million dollar lottery,they would have a bigtime announcement of TV or somethnig..That would must be on their website and webmasters would respond soon as possible,they are doing it for publicity so they would advertise it.Alright if you think they are real,tell them to send you the money..ask them to keep 10% for processing fee and send you the rest(they won’t because its a scam)…
    Do not givem them a singlle penny in the name of processing charges and do no open any bank account they ask you to…and dion’t send them a ny personal info either..
    There is this website cyberangels.com you can contact them for support…
    Also check out the link i am posting

  • There is NO SUCH THING as an Internet Lottery. It’s a scam. You shouldn’t have even opened the email.


  • Never answer e-mails like that. They are spam or internet scams.http://www.mailborder.com/articles/probl…

  • It’s a scam and you can bank on that. Resist temptation and delete the email…NOW.

  • I dont know how to reach them but I think its a scam.The best way to find out is contact the Dell Computer Company and ask them if they are sponsoring this.

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath!

  • scam scam scam scam scam scam your going to get scamed

  • Oh, I won like hundred times already…
    truth is, it’s a scam, they’d ask you to send a certain amount of money to process the docs. and then disappear on you with your money.
    be very careful or better yet, delete the email and forget the whole thing….

  • call the operator.

  • its such a scam!!!! I’ve had 10 e-mails like that!!!

  • Sorry to say, but it is a scam, 100%!! Those behind such fraudulent email ‘lotto’ posts are just pond scum thru and thru! And I actually went to a free workshop on identity theft where the retired detective said that one actually can’t even legally claim a lottery winning from overseas. He said to merely delete the message from one’s email.
    For more info on ways to help prevent identity theft: Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov and there must be an icon to click and get more tips. Great that you are inquiring about this and are not getting taken by this. Take good care.

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