When we are looking for a good, honest, and trustworthy home business do we always feel like a real home business is not really there? In other words, do we feel like we are playing the lottery? Our hearts get all pumped up and excited when we come across a home business that we are positive is the one that we know is exactly for us. Only to be let down when we get into it and discover once again that it is not a good or moneymaking home business. Some of us unfortunately have put thousands of dollars into looking, starting, and trying our hardest to make one or dozens of home businesses work for us. Scary is it not? Most of us want so badly to find a way out of our economic position that we are currently in. So what do we do, we trust in people out there that are telling us that their home business will make us rich beyond our imagination. Then we fall flat on our faces again! Think about this? Some of us who play the lottery may put a dollar or two into the pot. Others may put in one hundred dollars or even their whole paycheck. We are just so sure that our time is certainly up and that we will definitely win the lottery this time. Think about this, did you win? Was it really possible that you might win the lottery, and what were the odds? Okay, now let us take another look at home businesses and the lottery. Are we basically playing the Lottery each and every time we start a new home business. What are the odds that this home business will be perfect for us and give us all the financial freedom we so badly want? Very few of us ever really win at a home business or the lottery. If we believe that there is that one home business out there and keep searching until we find it then and only then can we honestly say we have won. Unlike the lottery are the odds so much better to be able to find that honest and trustworthy home business? You cannot give up. Do you ever quit putting that dollar bill into the lottery pot every week? We as humans have to have our beliefs in something. Some of us will never step out of our safe zone and just continue to dream about what it would be like to have that financial freedom. Others of us are going to continue to play the lottery hoping that we will win. Then still others of us will persevere until that perfect home business is found. Which person will we be? What are the odds between a home business and the lottery?All of another or us at one time will make a choice and only then will we know if it was the right or wrong choice to make!

My name is Eileen Hester. I fought this battle of finding an honest and trustworthy home business just as many of you have, and yes I put my dollar or two into the lottery. I have found my peace though, not in the lottery, but a truly remarkable home business. I truly wish you luck in your dreams and hope that your out come will be as great as mine.
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