Most recently she was scammed out of $130 by a “make money from home” scheme. She said, “Well after I entered my information then saw how much it cost it wouldn’t let me cancel”. She was so heartbroken and I had to loan her money to help with bills because the scammers overdrew her checking account. Unfortunately, this is far from the first time it has happened. She falls for scams that a savvy web surfer recognizes as a scam at first glance. A few years ago I had to work so hard to convince her she had NOT won the Microsoft UK Lottery and that no such lottery exists, and she still thinks I made her miss her chance to collect her millions. She is 56 years old and from a more innocent world and I’m afraid she is not prepared for the unregulated frontier that is the Internet. The biggest problem is that she is stubborn and takes offense when I try to offer any advice for safer web surfing. She gets hundreds of spam emails a day because she gives her email address to anyone. I’ve installed Firefox and taught her how to use it, and she claims to like it, yet every time I see her online she’s using IE anyway. She refuses to use PayPal instead of entering her bank account details on various websites because she has the wrong idea of how PayPal works and she won’t take any advice from me because she feels like anyone who is trying to teach her anything is belittling her. Especially when her pride is damaged from being scammed yet again. I’m not the best teacher but I’ve been very patient and have not belittled her about anything. How can I protect her? Is there some kind of anti-fraud software or parental control software I could install which will filter out even potential scam sites, without interfering with her safe surfing too much? What are my best options people? I’m at my wits end here.