Almost everyone on the Yahoo site wants everything provided to them for free. Why not ask for this?



  • lol thats funny that you ask that as i am playing right now.. you can play the lottery online for free.. all kinds of lottery game sites.. check it out go to your brower type in lottery ticket games.

  • you could rob them, or just wait for a old person to leave the conveniance store and mug them :P, the choice is yours

  • my question would be “how can I win the lottery” PERIOD… heck I’d throw in the $ if I could be assured of winning!!

    Maybe you mean ” How can I get someone else to give me a dollar to play the lottery?”

    Or better yet… “How can I win the lottery without buying a ticket?”

  • Once while mountain climbing with Chuck Norris I asked him the very same question, and I think his wisdom holds true today as much as it did back in 1978.

    He said “Recall, people on yahoo answers always want something for free, it’s important that you remember that. However, it’s even more important to remember that if you find a lottery ticket and ultimately end up winning, it’s your personal responsibility to take that money and build a dojo in which you will train multitudes of Karate Commandos, and ultimately employ them against evil warlords all over the world”

    I hope this helps.

  • Good question, unfortunately, the answer is still NO.

  • there are so many answer to this question.youll be surprised at how many answers that youll get to these sarcastic question.everyone is missing the point of this.

  • you can’t win lottery, if you don’t pay for it.

  • ask your friend for a dollar but make not mentions about paying him back. by a ticket if it wins you keep the money and don’t give it back to your friend because no agrement was made about paying him back.

  • Pick up all the tickets that you find laying on the ground that people bought and hurried & checked, then threw out the window…
    You just might get lucky!!
    Good Luck……..

  • rob the store

  • Easy, beat up a guy who bought lottery tickets and steal them. You could also rob the store that sells them, but you might have to buy a gun, which is more than a dollar.

    Or for the plethora of minors who post gambling questions on here, ask your parents to buy them for you. If they say no just whine like a little baby, or tell them you have no friends (the truth shall set you free!).

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