Me and my dad enter lodes of competitions. My dad does the lotto tickets and tv competitions and I go for competitions on the food or drink produces, but we never win.

so how can we win?



  • Lotto and other lotteries and a tax on people who don’t really get statistics. The odds of winning are so vanishingly small, that they are effectively the same whether you enter or not. So you can “win” by convincing your father not to buy any more lotto tickets. His odds of winning the big prize have not changed, but you’ll have more money to spend on ice-cream. That’s a win.

    Re: The other competitions, all you can do to increase your chances is to enter more than once. Just keep entering, the more entries per competition the better. Nothing else you can do will improve the odds for you.

  • If you continue to enter contest after contest after contest, eventually you’ll win something.

    The question is, “How many hours will you have wasted to finally end up winning a 29-dollar toaster?”

    Answer – Too many.

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