I recieved an e-mail stating I won a lottery and they are asking for a payment fee for services provided before the release of the check. I want to know if this company is legitimate before I send any money.



  • i think so they are trying to chet you dont send any money

  • It is a scam, friend. You have not won anything. Trash ethe messages, and forget about ’em

  • Send me $1 and I will tell you if its legit.
    No its a scam, and a very old one, Give me money now and I will make you rich later.

  • never ever believe in any of those. especially when it’s completely random. they’re just scams/spams.

  • Well ask yourself this question:

    Did you purchase a lottery ticket, and give them your email address?

    If you didn’t, then you have not won, it’s that simple. A lottery works by people paying money to buy tickets. If they just randomly gave money away to people, how would they ever make any money?

    You received a scam email, delete it and move on.

  • ohbrother47@sbcglobal.net

    October 8, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    This is the standard answer I give to those that have recieved scam emails such as the one you recieved. You did not give the name of the scam. There is no lottery that requires you to pay them first. If there are taxes the tax collector will find you. Below is the answer for Free Lotto the most common scam.There is no TSN number. It is part of the scam.There is no TSN number and there are no winners from Free Lotto.
    Free Lotto is a credit card scam run by a criminal group called PlasmaNet from a P.O. box at Grand Central Station in N.Y. I am a retired Police Officer that as a hobby investigates Internet fraud. Free Lotto is one of the biggest scams. Go to http://www.ripoffreport.com and enter the search words Free Lotto and you will find hundreds that have been taken in. Internet Survey companies are the biggest source of scammers getting your email address. Free Lotto sells your email address to other scammers so be aware, you will, in all probability, have more scams come across your computer screen. Free Lotto, once they have your credit card information draws anywhere from $9.95 to $20.00 a month from your account. You must notify your bank in person immediatly. The checks that have come to winners from Free Lotto are in the $00.18 (18 cents) to no more than $1.00 (one dollar) range and they are drawn on accounts that don’t exist. Bouncers. If you have been a victim, as many have, your local FBI Office will have an email address that you can forward the offending email to. Call your local office and ask for the address. Tell them if you are a victim or not. The Federal Communications Commission also has an investigative arm that you may forward the complaint to. Here is the Name, address and phone of the crook that runs Free Lotto. I suggest those that have been taken, is give him a call. Kevin J. Aronin, 20 Echo Bay Place, New Rochelle N.Y. (914) 654-8900. He may have changed his number by now because I have advised many that have contacted me to call him. Many complaints have gone to the Attorney General of New York but they have found no reason as yet to investigate. There are hundreds that have had their accounts stolen from even after they have “Unsubscribed” from Free Lotto so I find it curious that law enforcement has done nothing on this scam. Just be aware. I have read many of the questions on this site on lotteries and every one I have seen here is a scam. There is no free lunch, there is no “Pie in the Sky” but what there is are a lot of crooks that are very smart on the computer, but as a whole stupid on the scams they run. They play to the victims greed and the something for nothing that baits many in. Use common sense. I suggest that those that have been taken in by Free Lotto advise the I.R.S. of Income Tax fraud by Mr. Aronin. The I.R.S. will make his life more miserable than the FBI can. The FBI can jail him but the IRS will hound him for the rest of his life, in fact, even after he is dead they will hound him.

  • go to the place that sells lottery tickets

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