Man if i won I would make a nice life for myself and my family and i would even help out my close contacts that need it too. And i would give to charities. But i swear people with a heart like mine hardly ever win 🙁



  • The lottery is about odds unfortunately. It doesn’t care if you’re a good person or a monster. Srry.

  • You are absolutely right! Why don’t we win, hehehe? I would do just as you said and share with my family and friends.

    Maybe, just maybe we will be the lucky ones one day.

    Sandy :O)

    By chance, am I on that “close contacts” list? lol

  • I hope you win! Remember me if you do!!!! I wonder about people who win millions and then a few years later end up filing bankruptcy. I would like to see what they did with all that money.

  • been wondering that myself. I think of those I could and would help and it seems that luck is never with the “right” ones.

  • Yeah right, we all know your going to Hawaii with some expensive, colossal cruise eating coconuts whilst forgetting about us.

  • well yeah thats pretty rough.
    maybe the lottery is supposed to change peoples minds.
    like a bad person wins and says, wow i dont deserve this, lets change that. then they do all these good deeeds to feel deserving of the lottery thing they won.

  • I think that too, if I had millions I would help out all my buds too. go answer my q’s on dizzay!

  • Short answer: We’re spending our money on toilet paper and Cheerios, and not lottery tickets.

  • I don’t even bother trying to play anymore. If it gets really high, then I’ll play a few quick picks, but that’s it. My luck sucks.

  • Same here, sweetie, same thoughts, wishes, feelings plus desires here

  • i’ve read about a few good people winning, people who did what you mentioned (i don’t know about the contacts part though!) people who don’t make any real big changes in their lives, maybe just get out of debt. i haven’t bought a ticket in years, maybe i’ll get one today, if i win, i’ll share with you!!

  • i like your intentions. its chance. however the martians answer had me chuckling. he is funny. thanks. PS i believe you!!!/Kat

  • I can’t argue with that !

  • because we are too good of people


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