So i bought some tickets and some numbers, but i dont know what to do, can someone help me understand the game. this is the first time i’ve bought tickets.



  • You pick 5 numbers and one mega number (the sixth number) Every Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm they draw the numbers and if you have all 6 numbers you win the grand jackpot. you will get money back if you get the mega number only ( the sixth number) also if you get three of the five numbers or the mega number with one, two, three, or five of the first five numbers. You can also get a quick pick, which is the machine will pick the numbers for you. It’s best to take the tickets to any lotto outlet, any store or shop that has the lotto sign in it and check your ticket to see if it is a winner. good luck

  • – Pick up a playslip at any California Lottery retailer.
    – Pick five numbers from 1 to 47 and a MEGA number from 1 to 27 on the playslip or choose QuickPick® and let the computer pick them for you.
    – SuperLotto Plus costs $1 per play per draw. Remember, you can also select up to 5 additional plays on one playslip.
    – Hand the play slip to the retailer with your payment, and he/she will give you the printed ticket.

    – Then, on the draw date check your numbers against the winning numbers. If you match all 5 numbers plus the Mega Ball, then quit your job or take a long vacation. But you match only part of the numbers, you may win some change.

    For more instructions see

    For past winning numbers and analysis see

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