I want to play the national lottery or lucky dip by going to a shop. I am 16 with proof of age. When you buy a national lottery ticket, do you get a free lucky dip? Which games have the best odds of winning any prize?



  • You should use the national lottery tickets to choose 6 numbers on a line for the wednesday or Saturday draws. Each line cost a pound and you need at least 3 right to get a return. If you cannot be bothered to fill out the ticket or you cannot choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 the you just go to the counter and ask for a lucky dip, this means the computer will choose the numbers for you at random. You can ask for as many lucky dips as you want. For example 3 lucky dips will cost you £3.00 and all three lines will be displayed on your ticket for you to check. Good luck!!!!

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