I keep receiving notices in my email regarding foreign lotto winnings from Africa & England. How did they get my email & how do I have my email removed from such listings? How do I cease receiving these very annoying emails? They are worse than telemarketing calls!



  • Never open them and do not respond to them. Always click on them and hit the spam button. It will take a while but they should stop. When you open them and respond to be taken off their list all you are doing is verifying your email address and will get more. This is what I did and it worked. Good luck!!!

  • Well, why the heck do you keep opening and reading spam? If you clicked on spam each time you get one of these WITHOUT OPENING IT, you would seriously cut down on the amount of spam you receive. As to why you get spam, you have an email address. It’s that simple. You don’t want to get spam, don’t use email.

  • If you click on the below link this site will give you instructions on how to block spam and also provides an online form for the reporting of all scams and frauds :


  • I get them do. I just mark as spam and ban the address.

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