I’m not much of a gambler, but ever now and then I like to buy a ticket when it hits like $100million or higher. I usually ask for a quick pick cause I don’t know how to fill those cards out and I’m embarrassed asked for help. Do you choose numbers 1-99?



  • You mark numbered boxes. For example, if its 6/49 which means you need to pick 6 numbers out of 49 you cross off any 6 you like. They don’t have to be in any order but, they all have to be there to win major prize. You can win minor prizes as well like 4 numbers out of 49 or whatever the numbers are in the field. If in doubt, ask the ticket selling outlet as they will be more than happy to assist..

  • Stick with a quick pick. Your chosen numbers are no better and no worse, but what happens if you start picking the same numbers every time you play? (I’ll tell you.) Soon, you’ll start to wonder, “What happens if my numbers come in on a drawing that I didn’t play?!?” And then you’ll start feeling like you ALWAYS have to play your numbers.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Just buy ONE quick pick, once in a while when the jackpot gets big. Any more spent than that is a total waste of money.

  • annathesweetheart :) ♥

    September 28, 2010 at 7:11 am

    don’t be embarraseed, I do the same thing as you, my friends give me like 15 dollars to get powerballs with for my birthday as 1 of my presents, here’s some #’s

    19 35 84 72 6 31 2 and my really luck # 64

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