I'm just looking for Edge to win the lottery. Thanks for the help. Prisca



  • I use birthdays. My cousin has won $250,000 twice, among other cash amounts and he uses birthdays as well.

  • I always go for quick pick…
    since it’s easy and I don’t have to waste my time deciding whether I should put a 1 or 0 at the end

  • If you check the lottery commision website it gives you the stories of most winners. From what I have read, they have been using the quick pick, computer given numbers. Some of the winners use birthdays and important dates. When it’s your time to win, you will win no matter what numbers you use. Good luck

  • I ask my friends or family their lucky numbers, or I use those numbers in fortune cookies

  • There is no difference in picking 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 verses picking other random numbers. your odds are the same. I think the odds are 65 million to 1 that you will win so good luck.

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