I really wanted to know how you could win the lottery without playing fare. Not by robbing a bank or anything, but just by making your chances at winning it better.
Please have serious answers!!!!!



  • Just buy a lottery tick every now and then, and hope you win.

  • Don’t play. You’ll be a winner every time.

  • play the exact same number every day and never change it cuz that will jinx it. the number will come eventually!!

  • Well my mom had a dream about 6 numbers or 5 i 4get how many you need to win it all but she had a dream about these numbers and she thought it was weird but it turns out the next week the Numbers my mom had a dream about were the winning numbers so if you dream of numbers play em

    or if your already rich spend 20 million on lottery tickets which is every combination of number and you’ll win

    only works well if the pot is over 100m

  • Secret ways to win the lottery? That sounds like an ad for one of the multitudes of useless lottery systems floating about the internet. there really aren’t any secrets however, there are ways to increase your odds/probability for a win. This could be construed as a “Secret” I suppose, to those who aren’t well versed in probability and statistics.

    One of the simplest yet, little know strategies is to play only numbers from the last 7 draws in a 6/49 lotto game. At least 60% of the numbers from the previous 7 draws will appear in the next draw. Powerful stuff. Try it.

    If you want even more strategies, try going to the site listed in sources, they have the best strategies on the net for free. No, not they don’t give you a piece of crap strategy for free, they give you the best strategies away for free, amazingly enough. I haven’t seen many places on the net do that.

    Hope that helps.

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