Every lottery player has often dreamed of how they make their profits if they had the chance to win the big jackpot. The possibility of a sudden millions of dollars to make rational sense to indulge in fantasy. All lottery players at one time or another, has dreamed of expensive cars, big houses, luxury holidays and all the things that a lot of money can buy. As it became clear to some, winning the lottery has brought only disappointment and Broken Dreams. Most of the winners have ability to manage money and, in many cases, some players will have economic chaos. Take the example of William Post of Pennsylvania. In 1988, Mr. Post was $ 16. 2 million Pennsylvania lottery. Mr. Post found the subject of court cases, and if this is not enough, his brother was arrested trying to hire a hit man to kill him, so he could collect new found plenty of. Mr. Post, also a number of weak business investment, and within a year had millions of dollars in debt. Mr. Post said, "I will not ever happen. It was just a nightmare. "Mr Publish now living on $ 450 a month Social Security and food stamps. A well-known cases is that Jack Whittacker was 315 million U.S. dollar Powerball lottery jackpot in West Virginia. Mr Whittacker chose the cash option and received $ 113 check. 4 million after taxes. Mr Whittacker started with good money for the church based on a number of charities and foundations established to provide food and clothing to low income residents of West Virginia. Month to win Mr Whittacker was arrested for driving under the influence. Problems spiraled out of control quickly. Mr Whittacker spent over $ 100,000 at a strip club while the club where thieves broke into a car stealing $ 545,000 in cash. Then the thieves broke in Mr. Whittacker the car a second time to steal $ 200,000 in cash. Not the money, or never in an accident, recovered. Mr Whittacker subject of several lawsuits, most of which have not resolved differences. After winning the lottery jackpot, Mr. Whittacker life quickly spiraled out of control. He repeatedly on the actions and the thieves emptied their bank accounts. For example, Mr. Whittacker is to raise up to Atlantic City Casino Gambling debts and has been sued for unlawful death by drug overdose, which occurred at home. Mr Whittacker announced that he wants to, I never bought a ticket to death. Many who win the lottery with several underdeveloped when it comes to the economy and find themselves in financial difficulty fairly quickly. Says the author of the book, Susan Bradley Sudden Money: managing finances exceptional, "People who are not familiar with the fact that money is fragile and vulnerable, and there are many people who want to disturb that vulnerability – even and friends and family. "winning the lottery should not be all punishment and darkness. There were some of the winners, who have performed their new found very high, and many have managed to invest their profits in such a way that they and their families are protected for generations. Brad Duke, who received 85 million U.S. dollars for payment after winning a $ 220 million U.S. dollars U.S. dollar Powerball jackpot in 2005, is an example of the winner, who has used a new property to give his family a long-term security. Rather than spend the profits as Mr. Duke quickly assembled with the goal of economic advisers to billionaire mind. Here is how Mr. Duke has spent the money so far. 35 million U.S. dollars: Aggressive investments like oil and gas properties and $ 1. 3 million: $ 63.000 Family Foundation: Travel Tahiti has 17 friends $ 125,000: Mortgage retired on 1400 square foot home with $ 18,000: Student loans $ 65,000: New bicycles, including $ 12.000 BMC Road Bike $ 14.500: used black VW Jetta $ 12,000 annual gift to each family memberObviously Mr. Duke has engaged in frivolous spending seems to be characteristic of many of the winners. It is carefully planned investment in the long term goals in mind. These examples have different reactions to sudden wealth. Most of us have at some time or another fantasized about winning or Powerball Mega Million and what to do all the money. Some of us see as an opportunity to deliver the winning the lottery is happy and luxury, while others see it as a long-term safety of ourselves and our families. The question is, if you win the lottery, where you can choose? 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