Winning the lottery is a dream come true, and we all want, that their dreams. Unfortunately, some people living in a dream, not always last. Not good money management millions of dollars in the bank can quickly become bankrupt. It has happened dozens of lottery players, but can be avoided. Once you won the lottery, what would you do next? Officer Spree may sound a good idea, but it would be wrong. Having a few million dollars suddenly come into your life is a blessing, but it also brings challenges and responsibilities of their own. Before buying that $ 50,000 car will stop and take time to make real money sink in. Decide how much money you really have after taxes, and how long it will last for your wishes. If you win 1 5 million, the government would receive about $ 500,000 or so, I left you a million. If you want the money in the last 25 years, then all you have to spend $ 40,000 a year, which is slightly less than $ 3400 a month. When you think, how you can save, make a mistake crossing the risks. If you want the money to go a little further, you can always invest. When you invest large sums of money, you should hire an expert to help you choose the right portfolio. I never want to put all the money in one place and do not want to take too many risks at once, either. A new millionaire is tempting to make large sums of money to friends and family. If you win more than 100 million every effort to donate as you can, but if you win a smaller prize, less than three million, take care of yourself first. Invest around and remember that one million would not take a strict budget. What fun winning the lottery if you can not spend money for what you want? You should buy what you have always wanted, do not just buy everything yourself you can imagine. $ 500,000 home would be great, but it is a good side is the money? Not Get a nice house, an excessive and a reliable car that is affordable. If you do not want to end up back in the old dead end job you want to keep as much money as possible. Winning the lottery is just a first step towards real wealth. There are many secrets of the lottery, how to win the lottery. Areas such as www. lotterymethod. com, you can win, but only you can make good decisions that keep you well-off at the end of your life.

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