If you have been sleeping then you may not have noticed that there is a Euromillions rollover this weekend.
There is a GBP 39M Euromillions jackpot to be won! And we could create 39 lottery millionaires with our unique multi-win lottery syndicate system. It is open to people worldwide to play, although it is a UK-based company.
If you’ve never played Euromillions before, then now is your chance to jump in. But the clock is ticking as the Euro Millions lotto rollover is this Friday 29 September 2006.
So what is the EuroMillions Lottery?
The EuroMillions is a lottery played across Europe (and now beyond) that offers incredible prizes.
The euromillions lottery first started in February 2004. It was and is a combination of national lotteries run in the European Union countries.
The lottery itself consists of guess 7 numbers in total. 5 main balls and 2 lucky star numbers.
You pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and a further 2 “Lucky Star” numbers between 1 and 9.
Now the only way you can win at any lottery is to make sure that you understand the mathematics that can tip the odds in your favour – but it’s still a lottery!
And with this system you can increase your chances of winning the Euro Millions jackpot by an astonishing 3600%!
How does this work? Quite simply by having the optimum number of people in a lottery syndicate. This means that there are enough players in the syndicate to have one lottery number guaranteed! It’s so simple, it’s brilliant!
Of course you are splitting the prize money between more players, BUT this is where the really smart bit comes into play.
This is a multi-win syndicate system.
This means that because of the guaranteed number and the number of lines played by the syndicate, if the syndicate wins a top prize it also wins a whole range of lower prizes as well.
Put the two together and you will win more playing this multi-win syndicate system than if you played by your self. FACT. If you want to see how the numbers work simply visit their website to find out more about becoming a smart lotto player.
If you are outside the EU, don’t worry you can still play. By joining one of these syndicates you are not directly buying a ticket for the EuroMillions – the syndicate management company is!
All in all it is quite simply the smarter way to play the EuroMillions – and you can play the UK Lotto this way as well.
So don’t delay. Jump at this incredible opportunity NOW as the rollover draw is this week.
There is no catch and no tie-in. There is nothing to lose and who knows, you could be a lottery millionaire next week. But if you don’t play you definitely won’t win.
As always the best way to win any lottery is to play it!

Andrew Castlewood is a smart lotto player. Find out how you can be a Smart Lotto Player too by visiting the website: http://www. smartlottoplayer. co. uk