Anyone playing the lottery has wondered if there is a way to improve their chances to win. If you work with numbers, you will see that the only sure way to win is to buy a ticket for each possible combination. This is not profitable! This means more money for tickets than you win. (Yes – This is how they make their money!) And even if he does not buy all the possible combination of numbers, you may end up sharing the second jackpot winner, the dilution of the event, you can continue! Therefore absence of practical steps can you do? Well, there are some steps you can increase your profits – but not much to offer to win the same jackpot. I've seen software that analyzes recent numbers, creating random numbers – even the dream of programs that allow you to dream of winning numbers! I am skeptical and have tried everything – but because I do not think they do! One thing you can do is to choose the number, everything else will take, so if you win you are more likely to win a prize greater than is less likely to share the prize with someone else. Many people choose numbers that are mainly to them, and many are based on the day – so it can be seen that the amount is less than 31 (maximum days per month) is probably more popular than the amount above 31 Another potential way to improve is to join the union. This is a group of people together to share different numbers, and lottery tickets – and share the profits. So you can expect to win more lottery syndicate – but will give more profits to members; Well that depends entirely on how to set up. Usually what I have seen quite fragmented, and let the people be involved and difficult to manage. Number of changes and benefits that may be better or worse than individual plays. If you could bring a well-balanced performance of the lottery syndicate system has the potential to significantly improve the situation. For reasons I will try to explain that it is better to have 49 people Syndicate – one for each number in the lottery (if based on the 49 balls!) Try to persuade the 49 colleagues and it is almost impossible – and calls for a virtual solution! Virtual World Direct is a more efficient and to provide such a solution. System for the website you can join a syndicate of people who have brought together a team. No need to look to colleagues, management or to share the profits – will do it for you. And just like offline, you can join the union, or leave when you want – no obligation! Great service – a convenient, simple and fun. Event – Why is 49 a trade union; Well be one of the six digits, so that each number is 49, and then 5 other random numbers to create 44 different series. 44 separate syndicate lottery entries and each of the 49 numbers have been treated in a separate line. This is very handy – it means the consortium is responsible for only 5 6 lottery numbers to win the jackpot – the sixth ball always coincide. But it is wiser than that, since the union to win most of the jackpot – the second series of 44 wins 5 plus the bonus ball, and then of course the other 42 lines to win the equivalent of 5 digits! Add as many victories together, and share the union numbers and you can win more than you would have done if you are not alone! It is difficult to explain some points, but it is important that the union to win many times. In fact, your chances of winning will increase 702% in the UK National Lottery Lotto to do! And they do the same trick with the EuroMillions do. If you feel that it is equal to the number of multi-state lottery in the United States. Why? From 9 European countries are all in it! And more want to join! It is the biggest tax free lotteries standard in the world! If you were watching the news earlier in 2006, have seen that this increased to an incredible £ 125m roll over (yes – not pounds dollars or euros!) In this Syndicate lottery increases the odds to win a staggering 3600%! Increasing opportunities to win any prize 1 in 10, and that means that you can win a corresponding prize in a single ball! So the next time you try to find another person to join the Syndicate lottery, and I wonder if paying a problem, think again. Another leads to a trade union to you – if the right to join the consortium can increase your chances of winning, too! Copyright 2006 by Andy Gray

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