When it comes to how you can improve your chances of winning the lottery, there is really only two things you can do.
1. Buy more tickets.
2. Better to win.
For example, if the chances of winning the lottery jackpot are 1:2,500,000, you can improve your chances to win the 1:100.000 you buy 25 bet. But for those of us who would like to use the brain instead of money, we use a lottery software to increase the chances of winning the lottery jackpot, before the bet money.
Clearly, method # 2 is better because it allows you to stretch your budget, while maintaining a lottery similar to cover all possible relief. In other words, if you can improve the earning potential of 1:100,000, using a variety of technical analysis lottery numbers, then just buy 1 share the same rates as inputs. So if you're a serious player Lottery, buy a good software raffle, no-brainer. The same will return in a few weeks.
Intelligent lottery player trying to cover as much as possible to win the bet possible. I call this your Lottery track or LFP. Environmentalists used a similar average carbon footprint to describe the impact each of us is global warming. But environmentalists want a small carbon footprint and severe Lottery players want large state lottery. Senior LFP more likely you are to win.
I created a simple formula that the LFP, we can compare the different strategies of lottery. Includes two above approaches. Here's the formula.
LFP tickets purchased = / # possible Millions Stakes
Because we want to control the budget, we will try to keep a small numerator. Thus, we focus on reducing the denominator, there are many possibilities bet. In this article we will use the Massachusetts Cash WinFall, 6 / 46 draw.
All MA646 play the lottery comes out of 9,366,819 possible relief from which to choose. To use the LFP, we use 9 366,819 guy. If you buy 1 player entry:
LFP = 1 / 9 366819 = 0. 107
An easy way to improve coverage lottery MA646, increased LFP, the bet will be to buy more. For example, the purchase of 25-input result in LFP 2 67, shows that our coverage has improved.
But how serious is the Lottery Player reduce any favorite? Plain. It's called reducing the playlist. Unlike any other in Massachusetts, playing for 6 out of 46 games, we play a different type of game. Suppose that uses software to analyze lottery lottery is convinced that the number 38 is not a hit the next project. Not playing a bet that the number is 38
I know you think, "no big deal. "And to stop reading. BUT, wait! It is a big deal. This simple operation to remove the number 1 game has removed 1,221,759 favorite game! It's more than a million bet. You see, when all the other projects, Massachusetts 6 / 46 Lotto, type our game 6 / 45 game. Odds of winning the lottery jackpot are 1:8,145,060. This shows 15% improvement in LFP.
LFP = 25 / 8 14506 = 3. 07
But why stop there. Serious Lottery Players who follow my lottery strategies that apply to what I call the rule of 80%. They create a playlist that is 36 digits (80% of 46). Odds of winning 6 / 36 draw is 1:1,947,792 and out of the LFP is 12 84. It's a phenomenal 380% improvement in the LFP.
LFP = 25 / 1 947792 = 12. 84
Now, we remove more numbers, the greater the possibility of eliminating one of the numbers to win. But we are opposed to analytical techniques, draw trend. In other words, we do a good job in selecting the numbers to include in our list. I admit that does not always work, but the long journey, and the experienced player has done much better.
Only one thing, before sending you to buy a good software lottery. I wonder how much average player should be used in Massachusetts to achieve the same LFP Lottery that the serious player? Well, we use only the LFP equation backwards.
Used = $ 12 84 x 9 366819 = $ 120
There are many other things Serious Lottery players can take further increase in LFP, but to save them for the next thousand articles.
Good luck and I hope to win the Big One.

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