If you are fond of lottery scams, and to hear about happening to you, you have to prepare against such scams. The right way forward is to know how to recognize a scam. This is a little skill, time and patience. But once you learn to recognize a lottery scam, not only you can prevent yourself from being cheated, but to help others, especially relatives and close friends of the need to trick them fraud. The most common trick that fraudsters to trick you when will you know by e-mail that you won the lottery jackpot when your name is selected at random. The first thing to remember when you receive a letter from this fictitious entities is that until you buy a ticket, you can not determine the winner of any lottery game. This shows that e-mail letter is fake. It is also clear that e-mail address is incorrect, as you enter a lottery winner who does not comply with personal information such as name, phone number and a credit card, but I have found that a large part of the flag . In addition, you can be sure that you have the wrong e-mail when you win the lottery, which is not their country. Another indication is a scam when he said to send money, so it can be used to play, so you can take to win the jackpot amount is your home. Other common excuses to make a tax payment system will be a game. Both of these reasons, we will ask you to send money to smell and fraud. Remember, if you have not heard the name of the lottery, you win, so it is definitely wrong e-mail. You also said that e-mail address is selected at random lottery jackpot. This is another sign of a scam. Law, no enterprise can not do this. Other points of lottery scams can be found, if you notice any links that are embedded itself received your e-mail. These links to cheats to land a spoof site, we ask you to update your information. This time, when you download software from sites, software spyware, which then retrieve important information about your computer when you are logged on the website of your bank and make a series of transactions. Your personal information is then used to withdraw money from their bank accounts. These sites spoof looks quite similar to the actual site. So always pay attention to places in March. Thus, all data mentioned above clearly show that never afford to loose when they are closer to these people. We discuss other related tips to identify these scams through other friends. You can smell fraud slowly draw distance and spend more time to learn.

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