What to choose: a small potential for bigger returns or a more guaranteed route to winning? That is the question you should be asking if you are indeed interested in making a bit (or a lot) of money with playing Pick 3 Lotto. The fact is: many people do not even consider this question seriously, if at all. It might surprise you that there are some people who actually make a living out of playing Pick 3 Lotto – and no, we don’t mean that these people set up a lotto machine in their stores.

We mean that with the right system, these people are investing as little as $0.50 cents per game and walking away with forty dollars in their pockets. And, if that doesn’t sound good enough, they can use their system over and over, winning constantly at almost every turn. You too could make a financial killing out of playing the game. Here are some basic but often overlooked tips on how you can start off your own strategy when it comes to Pick 3 Lotto.

1. Never subscribe to the quick picks. True, they are called quick picks because basically you just have to hand over the cash and you have a set of numbers. However, playing the quick picks or computer picks almost never gives you the winning numbers in the end. In short, this is a veritable waste of time, money and expectations. Hey, this is the Pick 3 Lotto – with the operative word of “3.” How long does it take for you to think of 3 numbers and ink it in? Set your own numbers, this has a greater chance of working to your advantage. Just remember this one fact: the lotto computer works for the lotto company. Do you honestly think that it is programmed to make winning combinations?

2. Keep playing your own numbers. Speaking of numbers, it would increase your chances dramatically if you play your own numbers frequently. The Pick 3 Lotto game can afford you placement one number for at least 5 times with the advanced draws games. Basically, this means that you do not have to buy a new ticket whenever you want to play. Of course, if you want to have several numbers in your memory pocket, you can bet on those as well. The deal here is that by keeping close a set of numbers and betting on them frequently, you are making sure that your numbers are always in contention, no matter what the odds are. If one set of numbers gains you profit, continue playing them. They are bound to turn up more than other combinations. Try not to make the mistake of other winners who literally change their winning combos thinking that the set will never occur again.

3. Timing is also critical when it comes to Pick 3 Lotto. It’s not surprising that many people are enticed to play the game when the jackpot is considerably large. But this is actually one of the reasons why these people often never see a return of their investment. Smaller jackpots or jackpots containing smaller wins also have less people betting on them. This fact increases your chances of hitting a winning streak sooner or later. A larger volume of players betting on the same jackpot means you are decreasing your chances even further.

So again, we pose the question: do you choose a smallish potential to earn the bigger returns or, would you rather opt to go for the more guaranteed route to winning, albeit with a smaller jackpot? The choice is yours… Personally, we’d prefer staking our money on the smaller jackpots, especially if we can play a succession of games with very little expense on our part.

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