How do I get one more chance to win the lottery (United Kingdom), these people are lucky enough to receive all 6 issues, do not you think everyone should be a millionaire?
My numbers never add up. . .
Stupid answers please



  • If you get to choose your numbers pick a number, say “23”, and put on every selection week after week. Then you only have to get 5 numbers when the number eventually comes up.

  • The best way to make money on the lottery is to run the lottery.
    The second best way is to never play, and do something else more useful (or just something fun) with the money.
    If you do not understand this, you should have paid more attention to math at school.

  • Charl:
    The truth is, your odds of winning a lottery do
    not increase when you by more tickets, so there
    is no way to increase your chance of winning.
    Ask the wrong Q, and you will get the wrong
    answer every time.

  • If your odds of winning are 1/10068347520 in 6/49, Then you won’t win. Lottery isn’t made to win, or else they wouldn’t make money.

  • you could waste alot of money and buy a tons of tickets and put diffrent numbers on each, but i would just use the same 6 numbers every time and hope for the best

  • There are many pages that offer “methods” which may help.
    Try… for a start

  • buy more tickets

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