I leveled up and it said i got lotto tickets to share. I wanted to know how to use them.



  • Cafe world scratch lotto ticket is a new celebration when you level up and can post them to the news feed. So catch them in your cafe world feed now, don’t lose the prizes include limited edition decor, coins and Cafe Cash!

  • ~♥KinomiyaMichiru♥~

    September 2, 2010 at 1:11 am

    It means that you can send to your Cafe World friends/neighbors in the same way that you send them gifts of food or Spice Rack items.

    Just click Send to Friends,check the boxes by friends’ names,and click Send.

  • You send them to your friends and they send them to you. Once you get some you scratch off one of the three available spots on the ticket and you win a prize. One of the prizes I just won was 4 free cafe world dollars.

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