Winning the lottery is a lot of fun, especially winning a scratch offs game. There are many people that buy at least $50. 00 worth of scratch off tickets a day, lose, and keep buying them. Even though they continue to lose they never attempt to develop any kind of strategy to overcome the odds of consistently winning scratch off tickets. A scratch-off ticket could be just like free instant win games or it could cost you as little as $1. 00 to play. Here is one of the best scratch off tips I recommend: 1. DO NOT PLAY $1. 00 SCRATCH-OFF TICKETS. This is a complete waste of money and you will end up losing, losing, and losing some more. By playing $1. 00 scratch-off tickets gives you the absolute worst chance of winning. Take a look at the back of the scratch offs ticket. It should say roughly 1 out of 9 at best. Stay VERY clear of $1. 00 scratch-off tickets and stick to $2, $5, $10, $20. I consistently play $20 scratch off tickets as they have a 1:3 chance of winning each and every time and have AT LEAST 1 million dollars as the top prize. 1 million dollars is a nice chunk of change and it could be yours when you play scratch off tickets! 2. Establish a Loss-Limit. When you are first learning how to win at scratch off tickets, you need to establish a loss-limit and keep it throughout your life of playing scratch off tickets. You will never make a stable income playing scratchers unless you establish a loss-limit. My personal loss limit has always been around $20 and that works well for me. Which means if you lose $20 you stop for the day NO MATTER WHAT. You cannot change your loss-limit once you set it. If you stick to a loss limit you will become a highly profitable scratch-off player. Learning how to win the lottery will never be so easy. Believe in yourself and it will take you a long way! I have been a convenience store owner for over 25 years. I have seen it all first hand from someone winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS to losing thousands and thousands of dollars. Throughout my 25 years I have developed successful winning tactics to make people profitable scratch-off players. Playing scratch off tickets is a lot of fun because you know instantly if you are a winner or not. This is great for people who do not have patience to wait for the pick 3 drawing or lottery drawing nightly. You can be an instant winner and claim your prize in seconds. There is nothing like making a consistent living playing scratch off tickets. Using the right tactics you can easily be a successful instant game winner. Just believe in yourself and have a never give up attitude while limiting your losses can make you a successful scratch off winner in no time at all. It doesn’t take much training to consistently win scratch offs you just need a guaranteed winning strategy and you will be on your way to making thousands a week in no time. I wish you the very best of luck!

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