and how is better to choose the numbers?
Thank you



  • I win one dollar every single time i don’t buy a ticket.

    That is the >ONLY< "for sure" way to win.

  • there is no guarantee to winning a lottery…this is called gambling and you have to just take the risk..
    you need to just give it a try and hope for the best like everyone else..

  • My math teacher always used to say that if he was going to buy a lotto ticket (which he never did) he would pick the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 Because they are just as likely as any other combination and you wouldn’t have to share the jackpot with anyone else.

    But just find out which numbers win this week and then go back in time and pick those numbers.

  • This question is under the subheading of “Gambling”. The definition of gambling is “the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an UNCERTAIN outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods.” Some gambling does involve a bit of skill, e.g. knowing which horse is best in a race. But the difference between gambling and a game of skill is the large amount of luck involved.
    A lottery is an example of a completely luck-based game. The only way to guarantee you win a lottery is to to find some way to rig the game. Anyone who says they have a ‘system’ to win a lottery is deluded or lying.
    The only slightly useful bit of advice on number choosing is that if you DO win the jackpot and most of your numbers are 31 and under, you will be more likely to have to share the prize, as many people choose ‘lucky’ numbers based on people’s birthdays. If you choose higher numbers, you are more likely to be the only person with them- but this only makes you more likely not to have to share IF you win; it doesn’t increase your chances of winning in the first place.
    Vad- actually, a lot of people DO play 123456 for the very reason your teacher gave, if you won on those numbers, you would probably get a tiny prize!! (Camelot have quite openly revealed, for instance, that ten thousand people regularly do the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 every week! If that combination ever comes up then ten thousand disappointed souls will walk away with a cheque for just £500 instead of the £5 million they thought they were going to get!)

  • Figure out the square root of the sum of your telephone number and home address including zip code. Use the numbers to the right of the decimal.

    Works every time.

  • You won’t win the lottery. Save your money and find another way to earn cash.

  • cheat

  • nothing is for sure.. but just play and see what happens.. one of us will win.. one of us will be the chosen one over time.. i pick my own numbers.. and the most ive won in my 4 years of playing on and off was 413$ N0T BAD .. but if i got one more number right i woulda won 90 grand.. and i always learned the people that don’t play .. are the best and they would win if they played..
    best regards!

  • There is no way in this world to win lottery for sure. The best you can do is buy as many tickets as you can, this may increase your chances but that does not mean you are going to win for sure.
    Only god knows who is going to win!

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