Wouldn’t you like to know how to win the lottery guaranteed? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some method to being able to predict the lottery, and to choose the winning lotto numbers?

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We all know that with the millions of people who play the lotto each and every day, the odds that we will ever win are slim to none. I was sure that the lottery was about luck and chance and nothing else. But what if I told you that behind the illusion of pure randomness there IS a way to win the lottery that goes beyond relying on luck or chance.

In fact, if you’re interested in learning about how to win the lottery guaranteed, then it’s time we shift our attention to mathematics.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, mathematics is the wonderful study of numbers. An area that is particularly interesting is the study of probabilities and of patterns. The beauty of this study is that it can be applied to pretty much any area of our lives, and it can be used to predict and find patterns in areas that at first glance seemed completely random.

That’s right, I’m talking about using math to help you win the lotto!

You’ve probably never heard of professor Larry Blair. I know that I haven’t, up until I started looking into finding a way to win the lottery that was guaranteed to work.

Proffessor Larry Blair is an Oklahoma math professor. For the last number of years, Larry has been working on a formula that would allow him to pick the winning lottery numbers and wing the lottto.

After years of research and number crunching, Larry had finally cracked it! He found a way to win the lottery guaranteed!

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When Larry went on to apply this method, he quickly won the lottery THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES! Isn’t that incredible? I know that for me, even winning the lottery once would transform my life completely, but three times in a row?

Well, there are good things and bad things about winning the lottery, and Larry got a little to flamboyant with his winnings. In fact, Larry was attacked because of his lottery winnings.

Why was he attacked?

Well, word got out about his three consecutive lottery winnings, and his attackers demanded that he tell them his secret for how to win the lottery!

Luckily, Larry got away, but he decided that keeping this secret all to himself could be a dangerous thing. Larry had since then released a limited edition book on the formula and method that will show you how you can win the lottery guaranteed. The only thing is that he only released a limited number of copies. From the last time I checked, this book is selling out faster than anyone predicted and there’s only a few copies remaining.

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