How can I win the lottery or manifest any real desire Part 1 / 2



  • Speaking of proof. Prove to me that this ‘Abraham’ character is not a con ??

  • Ultimately we can only prove or disprove for ourselves. You can test this or anything Kinesiologically to determine if there is benefit for you or not, as I do.However, even If someone is a con, as may be judged by anyone, there may still be a benefit to any or all of those they interact with and for society in general too.Bottom line, everything serves The Allness of Existence/Consciousness; God/The Universe/Source wastes nothing.Breathe Easy and Blessings Be.Aloha.Brother V’.

  • how much did u win????

  • really??? u did win??? how much???

  • Curious is the blond lady realizes how stupid she looks and sounds.

  • You’ll know you’re in alignment with the universe when your life simply flows, you find you have everything you need, you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re surrounded by positive people and you feel uplifted and optimistic.

  • Ultimately we are All always connected, so the people, places or things in our environment don’t dictate the degree of our alignment nor do they reflect it. One can still be aligned in the presence of those who are not.Our attitudinal perception of reality, In The Moment, is The indicator of our being aligned or not. Fortunately, both the degree of our level of awareness and degree of our alignment, In The Moment, can change from moment to moment based on our intent and degree of allowing.

  • There are an infinite number of ways to connect with and align with The Real You, God, Source and All that IS, ( which is where every desire is already fulfilled by That Expanded part of Self ).However, the indicators are most easily recognized by feelings of, calmness, elation, joy, appreciation, acceptance, peace, lovingness or any feelings One can associate with within the range of non-attachment, ( which is very different from detachment ).Breathe Easy, Blessings Be,Brother V’.

  • wow !!! thanks I think I am … Its so funny cause the other day i was visualizing money and out of the bluez I found $20 bucks.. amazing … I think am aligned then… thanks

  • That’s great RackySal, you probably found that you had high energy levels that particular day and were feeling quite positive.Positive high energy = high vibrational frequency = easier alignment with your desires. Do everything you can to stay positive and focused on your goals, affirmations, visualisation, meditation, soothing music, drinking lots of water, exercise, eating nutritional food etc and you’ll find high vibrational “lucky” events like that happening more frequently.

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