How can I win the lottery or manifest any real desire to Part 2 of 2



  • Please stop stealing my videos.

  • Love it!

  • me to

  • I’ve have actuallhy experienced this and then got out of vibration and then back in again.This is really true because it seems irritating sometimes I guess cause everything isn’t happening overnight but change does happen instantly, These video are awesome!

  • this is great really great I had been working on the vibration for years and then finally I was able to make it work fior me and then here is the u tube that supported what just happened to me now that is truly law of attraction at work, watching this made me realize why it had taken me so long ,-WOW- thanks be to God/ Source and Esther… I love it!!!! Nita.

  • I’m going to “a bun dance” tonight, should be fun!

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