Winning the lottery is a dream come true. If you play regularly you know, can not be true every day. Your chances are as good as anyone else. So, if you had $ 2 million, what would you do with it? Have you ever thought about how much money actually go? Most of the winners want to buy the biggest house they can find. The cost of the new pipe will depend on which part of the country living in an average cost of a really nice big house is approximately $ 700,000. Getting that nice new house in a great neighborhood, maybe even gated Community. A new home is often the primary winner lottery. When you have a great new home you have enough furniture to fill it. Furniture can be reached quite expensive. You end up spending $ 250,000 and are sofas, beds, dining sets, carpets, curtains, not to mention sheets, towels and clothes. And now to buy a new car nice and have fun. If you have never had a new car, you can expect to get your hands on a new wheel. You can enjoy the new car smell. The new car is usually around $ 40,000 investment, but only for a lottery winner will get one. O Lotto winning Queen of the costs is not complete without the holiday of your dreams. If you ever want to have to go. You can go to Hawaii or Europe, or maybe New York or Vegas. If you ever decide you want to travel in style all your friends so the trip will be forced to pay up to $ 10,000. So far, seems to be a reasonable officer in a Queen hit the jackpot only, but you can not forget the many friends and family that comes out of the woodwork looking for a hand out. There is nothing wrong with the assistance of your loved ones. It is expected that you do everything you can about them. We can picture you're willing to pay $ 300,000 to help its own financial problems of his family. Now you have $ 700,000. It is not a millionaire, and have not paid taxes. You probably need to shock, if you know how Uncle Sam wants each year, the Fancy House. Utilities you will also be high. Insurance expensive new car is more than you're used to, family, and will continue to seek money, even if you have already given them a hefty sum. When you hit the big payday, which corresponds to a new prosperity. Remember you want to last a lifetime.

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