It’s that time of year again the lottery is up to £113 ($177) million this Friday. Was wondering what people would spend it on. Be great to hear what businesses you’d start up or if you’d even bother being so rich



  • start a Business? if i was 177 million richer, i would buy a house, a car, and live the rest of my life never working again

  • well this is the best:

    1. Pay off all the debt that you have including IRS
    2. Set your parents so this way they are taken care off
    3. Buy a good house but not to flashy you don’t want unnecessary attention
    4. Invest money into real estate, buy couple of high rise building that will yield you money monthly from rent.
    5. buy a boat.
    6. get your wife her on bathroom, and her walk in closet (the bigger the batter)
    7. give wife some money to change their cloth collection (fully) this way she will love you more!
    8. invests money into foreign countries(due the homework first)
    9. i know every guy always wanted that one special car that you want. GET IT.
    10. built 20 car car garage next to your house for your private collection.
    11. donate some money to people in need. and cancer research. (a must)

    12. enjoy the rest of your life!!!


  • I’d just invest a large chunk in a high interest account, by the car, house of my dreams and basically live a very happy life able to have pretty much anything I wanted. I’d live off the interest and always make sure that I’d keep back at least £50m. I don’t see the point or hassle in buying up property or starting a business, I’d make sure friends and family all have a £1m each so they could also have a great life without any money worries.

  • I’d pay off the Yahoo! Answers folks so they would NEVER allow this question again.

    It’s asked every day, and it only encourages folks to waste their money on lottery tickets.

  • I would buy Rangers Football Club.

    Check the video here –

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