My company was shut down because the jobs outside the U. S, to get unemployment benefits and the government to send me to school through the TAA benefits for migrant workers.
If I win the lottery less than 100,000 I lost all my benefits?



  • No, you won’t lose your benefits, if you got another job then you would lose your benefits, but winning the lottery would be nothing related to getting a job. When you’re on unemployment, the only ways you can lose your benefits, are to get a job, reach the end of your unemployment benefits, or commit some kind of crime or fraud.

  • you are reaching for things to worry about. I think that would be the least of your problems.

  • dot you dare put your money to the lottery. maybe you should try getting a job. Your more likely to be struck by lightening than win the lottery. Really dude dont do the lottery!!!

  • Not only will you lose those benefits,but before you even see the prize money,Uncle Sam will deduct a percentage of your winnings for taxes,THEN,the money you were paid in benefits will also be paid back, Whatever is left is yours.

  • yes and I hope you win the lottery and if you do please keep going to school that will be the biggest lottery ever good look

  • You will not lose your unemployment. I don’t know about displaced workers programs. Lottery winnings aren’t employment.
    What I did with the lottery is to get a subscription for one ticket a week. That way I am always in it, but I am not spending all my money on tickets I never check.

  • I wouldn’t worry about winning the lottery since most people don’t. If you’re truly worried about it, don’t buy lottery tickets until you no longer have need of your benefits.

  • You will lose the benefits, and pay interest

  • $100,000 ?
    i think you might not see those benefits as benefits after all.
    good luck!!

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