Always buy a ticket every week, but never wins. Can someone help?



  • I’m sure millions of people dream of the exact same thing. Dreaming of winning the lottery doesn’t make you more likely to win, buying more tickets is the only thing that increases your chances. But for the vast majority of people, buying lottery tickets only makes you have less and less money over time compared to investing it.

  • A healthy way to play lotto is to do just what you’re doing. Buy ONE lotto ticket each week, and dream away.
    For the cost of 1 ticket, it’s worth it to give you a fun dream. You can have something to talk with your friends about – “What would you do if you won?”
    This dream is only worth the price of 1 ticket, though. If you start spending more money, you are a fool. There’s a small line between the dreamer and the fool. It’s ok to dream.

  • I know nothing about the Japan Lotto so I personally can not give you any help. I did however find a website that claims to have a pattern for picking lottery numbers. Whatever you do, DO NOT go out and spend all your money based off the website!

  • i agree with the person above, and the brain is a powerful thing, if you want that to happen you will properly dream about it. it’s a dream, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. but good luck

  • You have a one in 40 million chance of winning, buy 40 million tickets and if you don’t win then you can complain.

  • Just pick the numbers that you pick in your dreams. I see no possibility that you’ll not win the lottery that way.

  • We cant help you win the lottery, But maybe we can help you with you gambling problem

  • if you think we can help you win the lottery dont you think we would do it for our selves ?

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