I had a mail from bank of south Africa with this topic:
Congratulations from the staffs of International Lottery promotion Burkina Faso Payment Zone,in collaboration with the International Software Organisation who have been sponsoring this yearly promotion.
They say to me that me win them lottery is this true ? what you think about this ?



  • I get those all of the time. From NIgeria and Africa and everywhere. Goodness, I dont’ know where they come from, what they’re for or what. I think it’s just basically a scam.

  • Well, it sounds like a variant on the Nigerian Scam, but apparently they’re branching out into other parts of Africa… It’s a scam, just get rid of it.

  • its a scam dude, delete it or send it to the authorities!!!!!!! they are full of crap! my husband inquired about it and they are looking to steal your money!

  • They’re all scams, don’t even answer them, just delete them!

  • It is called phishing. They get your interest and than they need your personal information to send you your “prize” and then they steal your identity. You can’t win something you didn’t enter. Sometimes they send something like “Your PayPal or eBay or Yahoo account will expire if you do not respond to this email. Beware!

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