Dear Winner,
Your ticket number: KTU/9023118308/03 with serial number 5368/05 drew the attention of
Lucky Number: 29 Congratulations, you've earned yourself only
£ 5.000.000. 00 is the software satellite lottery email. Online
The program held 10th International ARRIL 2007
Director of the UK lottery for which e-mail addresses randomly selected
Software powered by the Internet.



  • NO. I can not even believe that you believe that anyone would believe it.
    It’s a scam. Ignore it.

    They used to scam the owner of a business I used to work at. But I’m a huckster and scam the scammers right back. Once the business learned this they forwarded all of the “LOTTERY WINNING” calls to me. I’d do this:
    ME (as the old guy): I WON! WOW! When do I get my money?
    THEM: It could be as early as this next Monday. But first you need to send $xx.xx to us.
    ME: Well I don’t have that right now. Can you front me the $xx.xx? I’ll double this amount. You can take it right out of the winnings before you send them to me.
    THEM: No, it does not work that way. You need to send us the money first.
    ME: No, you don’t understand. I am asking YOU to do me this favor, not the lottery commission. YOU are going to get the extra money. You just front me the fee. Let me tell you this; I’ll TRIPLE the mount. You front the $xx.xx out of YOUR pocket. I will then pay that amount out of the winnings and give you DOUBLE that amount. What do you say?
    THEM: No, I can’t do that….
    Anyway I’d keep them on the phone for half an hour trying to convince them to do me this favor. It is technically illegal for them to hang up on you for one of these calls. So I’d waste their time.
    This letter is no different.

  • scam and dont even open it

  • it’s a scam..delete it

  • Please treat this as a fraud. It is.

  • Uh, no, sorry, it’s a scam. If you respond, you’ll find that they want personal info plus a “delivery fee” or something like that to deliver your “prize” to you. It’s very common – many email addresses get one or more of these every week.

  • FAKE FAKE FAKE. are you kidding me? my aunt believed that crap, and she almost lost 20,000 dollars. fortunately, the bank manager told her about it.

  • I got that before also from the british lottery its just spam.

  • Don’t do anything. They are fake. Don’t send them any of your information. My best advice is, delete that mail from your mail-box.

  • It is a scam!!!!!!!!! Please don’t be so gullible as to give out any personal information or money to them.

  • This is a pretty common SCAM.
    Most likely they are trying to gain your confidence, get your bank account number, after which they will clean it out.
    Do not respond. Forward the email to your internet provider and notify the police, although don’t hold your breath that either can do a lot — scams like this usually originate outside the Country.

  • Delete all foreign lottery emails and throw
    away foreign lottery faxes and letters cause they
    are ALL scams. Visit for more

  • SPAM.Cause Grand Pa says so

  • IT’S SPAM!!!!!delete delete delete it! that almost ruined my hard drive!!

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