www.PatPetrini.com For all of us in the network marketing industry that have met somebody like this. 😉 A hilarious cartoon on the misconceptions between network marketing and pyramid scheme. http Patbegan building his XanGo business at the age of 22. Within one year Pat was out of the ‘rat race’ because of the residual income provided by his XanGo business. Pat now spends his time traveling the world while coaching and training people to build successful home-based businesses in the network marketing industry with XanGo. He has spoken in front of audiences of thousands for businesses and universities around the country on such topics as lifestyle design, time and financial management, leadership, home-based businesses, network marketing and many more. Pat is the co-author of the popular audio presentation with Tommy Johnson, The Perfect Business for the Young Entrepreneur, which can be found at x1tools.soundconcepts.com About XanGo A leading global nutrition company, XanGo, LLC is a recognized category creator as the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo® Juice, to consumers worldwide. XanGo continues to lead the category by driving the research, development and advancement of functional mangosteen products. It has expanded its roster of premium, functional products to include 3SIXTY5™, a whole food nutrition multi-vitamin, along with Glimpse™ Intuitive Skin Care. XanGo is privately owned and powered by a global network of 1 million independent



  • The contribution to society is sharing awesome products with people that pay the lil man instead of big corps. With poison products : )

  • This is cute & hilarious! but yet oh so true : /

  • @Relentless2470 Riiiiiiight.

  • sounds like a pyramid scheme

  • @JayBlanche Here’s Tom with the weather…..

  • MONEY itself is a pyramid scheme!

  • All I know is, if you’re dumb enough to buy into organized religion, you’re dumb enough to buy into a MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramid Scheme/Whatever you want to label it. They are becoming a big part of the American dream because there is no such thing as manufacturing and helping to MAKE a product instead of selling it. There is no innovation here, just marketing tactics at work. INVENT something, sure you can make a lot of money doing this but you make absolutely no contribution to society.

  • primerica !!!! I’m 19 years old and I’m already going to purchase my first house next year thanks to this beautiful company 🙂

  • This is great!! Suprisingly I run into people like this all the time, and most of them are perle who make less money then I do haha

  • you get paid on results, not effort…. the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. That’s why a good support system is essential in building a Networking business.

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  • LMFAO! Epic. It’s so true. People form opinion based on what they heard and do not do enough research for credible facts.

  • 16, 22, 84 baby HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    o how i love ACN say what you will but the money is comin in and i FIRED MY BOSS OCT 1st 2011


  • Does anyone really think Kiyosaki, Trump and Buffet would be dumb enough to start at the bottom rung of a Product based Pyramid scheme peddling juice and a faux distribution franchise?

    Yup, if I owned a MLM like each of them do, I would support it as well…..

  • I found changeanything. com to be very helpful in creating detailed plans to reach my diet goals. I highly recommend it! You can use my coupon code “change2” to get a free membership

  • Just a few examples of extremely successful Network Marketing ‘Schemes’….Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef…Lots of people do very well. Work hard at anything and you will be rewarded.

  • This made me LAAAFFFFFFF!!

  • i laughed, i cried. well, maybe i didn’t cry, but the moron did make me sad!

  • Actually, my company’s org chart looks more like a Christmas tree… LOL

  • @007craft I like your explanation of what a pyramid scheme is. You’ve hit the nail on the head exactly. If everyone were successful…. But in reality that’s not possible for everyone to be successful. There wouldn’t be enough money for all to be happy.

  • haaahhaaaa!!! You’re so damn right with that cartoon ;D I LIKE!

  • So these peoples answer to our current delima is this Multilevel marketing… So there is one person startse this we’ll call it SM for short and then hires two other people who thus hires 4 thus hire more and more and double… ok now Mr. Job is what we”ll call the guy on top he gets paid for every person he recruited and some for all profit made… those below him the same but they will never make what he makes unless :O THEY START their own MLM Bizz YEAH get it! GOT IT! GOOOOOOD Good.

  • People give them a break they are only trying to be in likeness of their masters The “lluminati” now come JOIN THEM…. (Starts to walk like a zombie.) UGGGGGHHH ARRRR. lol just don’t buy into them then…. :S it confuses me how people can just give in ……. (Scratches head)

  • Everything is a pyramid…
    depends on where in the “Sandbox” one chooses to play in.

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