• Oh I have it BUT why should I tell you.

    Take Care.

  • there Is no such thing!! Stop looking for that stuff it can get you sued and/or get your ass thrown in jail

  • well then u will need a software to get out of jail too

  • U_S_S_Enterprise

    July 7, 2010 at 1:31 am

    So do i.

    But there is no software that does that.
    And even if there were – would you think you could connect to the lottery just like that?

    Sorry, you will have to pray harder / think more happy thoughts / work on better karma yourself.

  • Don’t we all?

    Insert the lottery numbers into google, you must. Herh herh herh.

  • send by pay-pal 1 million $ to me & i will tell you how to win lottery

    I changed my mind i will tell you for free

  • I reckon that puts you at number 26million three hundred and ninety sixth in the queue to borrow my copy of win the lottery in ten easy steps.

  • howtowinscratchers

    July 7, 2010 at 4:33 am

    Become a student to win the choice 5

    Like everyone else on the planet that has of all time heard of the lottery or the possibility of gaining significant cash, you have been envisioning gaining the choice five drawing. While it is for reliable not impossible to do so, In That Location are reliable matters that most individuals perform that decrement the likeliness that they will gain.

    In contrast, masses that develop a pick 5 system of rules really step-up their happens of winning, sometimes triple! There are certain matters you should and should not perform when doing the choice 5 lotto, and in order to master the doing methods of avid choice five players, you are starting to want to get a scholar of sorts.

    What perform I mean by becoming a scholar? I think that you must be glad to become a scholar, someone that studies, researches, analyzes, takes, and reflects on each aspect of the choice five-game. When I tell that you primary get a student of the pick five-biz I am also suggesting that you must take the game seriously and access it same it is a form of work or a job.
    You need to try out to take the guesswork out of doing the pick 5. You need to step-up your prophetic baron by creating intelligent, advised foretelling when selecting your choice five totals. In accuracy the most strong pick 5 scheme is 1 that takes on the act of research and study. The knowledge you obtain about earlier pick five drawing offs and the kinds of misidentifies that many another some bodies realize can be used to your vantage. Such cognition is a bigger role of the noticeable pick 5 system.

    If you perform non same working with numbers, and you do non care for math’s, then doing the choice five drawing in truth is not a biz you should be doing. As a student of the choice 5 game, you will be treating with routines a lot. You can await that you will get to carefully track gaining counts. You can look that you will get to see just how many certain amounts are drawn. You can also expect to determine which numbers haven’t been run in quite a many time. You will want to take your determinations and compare them to the plays you make. If you are not into amounts, you may require to put your money on many other variety of game.

    When you become a student of the choice five lotteries, you also have to study the myriad tips, advice, and information made available to you through the accessible vents understandable to you. I in person read everything I can receive my passes on connected to the choice 5 drawing and I urge that you perform the identical.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn everything that you can without the use of a dangerous eye. For certain perform non take all the advice and information you received as spelled in stone, but stay broad-minded enough to exchange the crucial play you use in your pick 5 lottery choices when you come across a part of information that forced out prove valuable to you.

    By becoming a scholar of choice 5 drawing you are literally attuning yourself with the game. You will be learning several crucial methods for how to play the biz, the often ness of numbers that come up, the rarity associated to other figures, previous drawings, and available information related to the choice 5.

    The immense wealth that you collect from your surveys will empower you if knowledge is indeed investing. Basically, you will be taking all of the excited guessing out of choosing choice 5 numbers and you will be utilizing an educated, more than close system of anticipation to determine the numbers that will be drew during a pick 5 lottery.

    Good luck & have fun!
    BJ Min

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