i was wondering if i win the lottery one day even is my earnings does my husband has to notify it to child support for his ex to raise the support money. does child support only goes by his income.



  • Well, in all likelihood, you will not win the lottery, so this question is moot. I am not sure if any legal precedent exists to answer such a question.

  • its based on income I do believe and only his.
    At least thats what I believe

  • I’m not a lawyer ok, but my guess would be no, one has to be creative when up against these things good lawyers are a must.

  • Child support will only change if his ex requests a new/revised order from the court. You are not required to notify the court of any changes unless it specifically says to do so in the child support order. In some states, your income and your assets (including lottery winnings) will be considered when calculating child support as you and your husband reside in the same home (so it’s family income which he has access to), are an equal partnership, etc. You can look up child support guidelines online for your state or ask for help at the info desk at the library to find out the laws for your area.

  • Im not too sure, I think the only thing that I have come accross is that they take into account how much of a contribution each person makes to the cost of running the house. Depends if your hubby gave up work based on your lottery win, as how would they determine how much he earned? its a doosey!!!

  • Your husbands child support is not based on your income but his income. This can go two ways because your husband has interest in your lottary winnings he may have to report his interest in your winning.

  • Child support is only determinable by his income, although she could apply for an increase based extraordinary circumstances and undue hardship.

    Are you saying that if you won millions you and your husband wouldn’t want to see his child benefit with a greater standard of living?

  • just dont let the his ex know about it. Yea, upgrade your house and get some stuff, but if the ex wife asks where it comes from just have him say that “we got bills up the ying yang” or to blame you and say “my new wife just keeps spending money”

  • It based only on the income he brings in. Even though you are married, child support is taken from the parent and your contribution is not considered a factor as to how much he has to pay. If you won the lottery, the money would be considered joint asset and shouldn’t fall under the laws of child support. Only money that he would bring in through employment.

  • Since income models differ from state to state, we would have to know the state where the order was issued before a CORRECT answer could be given.

    Yes, there are a few states which allow a party to petition to include “All assets at the disposal of the other party…”.

  • keep it all in your name, and file injuried spouse, meaning your not responsible for the hubby’s debt incurred before marriage. But in all liklihood you won’t have to worry about that.


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