How would I cash 3 million of dollars and keep the rest in the bank? Most banks only insure up to 100,000 of dollars? And is it necessarily to have multiple bank accounts? That’s like too much hassle for anyone.
I know it’s never going to happen, but it’s just a random thought. I just don’t know how these rich people do it.



  • they are now insuring up to 250,000 by the fdic. do you realize how much 3 million would weigh? At that level you would want investments not just bank accounts

    Any while is is not likely to happen,l I do hope that you have that problem someday.

  • I would put about $200,000 in my bank a/c then a bit in my savings a/c – $500,000 then invest in the houseing market and retire and enjoy life!

  • It’s kind of nice to be able to dream – and therein lies the fun.

    Obviously, the probability of this occurring is infinitesimal, but hey, you are entitled to some happy moments of “what if”.

    Dream on…. it’s good for you. I do the same at times, too.

  • First, you would hire a financial advisor or attorney that you trust. Second, you would be a fool to put over 250k in one bank as that is all they are insuring these days. Might be a hassle, but you would have to spread it out among many banks and investments.

    But, the chances of you having this horrible decision is quite rare. LOL

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