You know how these online casinos use certain types of software to program their Blackjack games? Well each software could be googled up online and they each have their own “strategy guideline chart” which they have no prob showing you. Regardless of the what each individual guideline chart says, the software still has the choice of screwing you over whether you follow the rules/chart or not.

WELL, what if you pick a certain online Blackjack site that uses a certain software and continuously use Practice Mode until you have kept track of every possible dealer/player combination? Meaning if you get one combo wrong, you make note of the CORRECT answer so that you could do it the next time the computer REPEATS that same combo. Get it? There can’t be too many combinations here, we’re talking the number 21 for christ’s sake, not the lottery #s 1-56 or whatever. I’ve been trying it so far and found that the computer DOES indeed repeat itself! Sometimes though, it has two different right answers to some combos.

Just think, if this works, you’ll have the ACTUAL ANSWERS as opposed to following some stupid chart with no guarantee. Thoughts?