ok if you a millionaire or if you have won the lottery more then once do you think that person should be able to win again ? i don’t do the whole lottery thing but i just think it is not fair that someone who already has the money or for someone who has already won should be able to get it again that money could help someone else out who really needs the money if you feel the same way holla if not the post ur arguement
lol there was a millionaire who had won 3 times haha and hit big the 3rd time …why should a millionaire play? why should any one play ?
tom u r an idiot how is this question immature ? if most people who buy these tickets are uneducated then you are calling millions and millions of people dumb even some people in the government ..ppl by these tickets so they might have a chance to win some money and live a normal American life u know a non stressful everyday life