I mean, if you visualize the process is from beginning to end, and what to buy and own sports car smell, the look of a brand new house, and the answers are on vacation, and a tropical island and get rid of. The idea should never worry about bills, which have all bills paid off and all the other great things that come with it. If you use the "Creative Visualization" strong enough, you win the lottery in real life?



  • Yes, you will be able to win the lottery. Imagining yourself win the lottery will not improve your chances though.

  • We all dream. That would mean we all would win the lottery.
    Faith is a good thing, just do not depend on lotteries to solve problems.
    If it is meant to be and God /wills it, so be it , then nothing can stop you from winning.
    You might not have to worry about bills, but you have to start looking over your back for new friends appearing and wanting something from you. It can be a great thing , but so is just real life! Choose to be happy each day and do good for someone and that in itself is winning the lottery. God will Bless what you do for others!! Good Luck

  • Professor Coldheart!

    October 13, 2009 at 3:26 am

    Technically, it’s only possible to win the lottery if you play the lottery. Its very, very, very (times a million) unlikely that you will win the lottery. I think I read somewhere that a surprising number of lottery winners won whilst playing for the first time. Statistically speaking, buying multiple tickets and playing multiple times should increase your chances, but your chances are so very small that it ends up being rather insignificant.
    My sister interned with a doctor who couldn’t find enough things for her to do, so he had her research the lottery numbers that appeared most often on winning tickets and then purchase every possible combination of those few numbers. It was a huge waste of money and time ( they didn’t win, obviously) but they had lots of fun I guess.
    Anyway, visualizing isn’t going to increase your chances of winning.

  • I can’t see how it would prevent you from winning the lottery, though I read a fascinating math paper that held that buying a lottery ticket decreases your chances of winning, offering math proofs that in a huge lottery you are more likely to find the winning ticket than to buy the ticket, so if you buy a ticket you’ve taken down the odds that the ticket you might find is the winner.

  • Every friggin day I dream of winning.. I know it’s probably never gonna happen. I only spend a few dollars a week on it. In fact on my home pc, my background is a collage of all the things I’d buy if I won.. mansion, Ford GT, Corvette, and a few Mustangs.
    When you’re $40,000 in debt and working 2 jobs while taking night classes, naturally you will dream of the easy way out of that situation.

  • LOL, people who blow their winnings on the crap you listed end up poorer in 5 years than they were before they won the lottery. People who are financially irresponsible like that are the only ones who play the lottery.
    The lottery: a tax on people who are bad at math

  • no not in the lottery but in simpler things in life maybe in any case it dont hurt to dream does it but dont let it take over your life some people put their lives on hold waiting to win the lottery, personally i dont do it at all, better chance of winning at bingo lol

  • Imagine that all desires must be fulfilled.
    Now imagine how many others have desired the same thing.
    You can get in line for this desire, but the line will stretch all the way around the block.

  • the ‘process’ you refer to is autosuggestion
    and it’s not gonna happen since it depends a lot on outside factors you can’t control
    try visualizing yourself having cancer instead and see what happens

  • Visualization only works on things that you actually have some control over – Winning the lottery is beyond your control.

  • Now you just told everyone the secret and you’ll have to share the cash bonanza with untold others. There’s still a thing called odds though.

  • getting struck by lighting in a thunderstorm is 560 times more likely than winning a 7 out of 49 numbers lottery

  • I have been buying and have been trying for years but that someone who just bought for fun won.

  • αмαη∂α ђ iS ćőpýíńg ⓟⓔⓞⓟⓛⓔ

    October 13, 2009 at 8:24 am

    You gotta be in it to win it. Don’t forget to visualize yourself buying the ticket first.

  • Of course it is…just not probable….or , just as probable as if you don’t do those things. Unless there really is something to Quantum Physics….

  • Champion of Knowledge

    October 13, 2009 at 8:51 am

    No, but it will make you buy tickets for it!

  • If you buy the ticket.

  • The odds are the same.

  • sure its POSSIBLE. its more likely to get struck by lightning though

  • try it, I mean REALLY try it and get back to us

  • Creative visualization does work, but it is not fool proof. My wife and I were at a play where there was a 50/50 drawing and I decided to buy a group of tickets, 12 for $10 or something like that. I showed her the middle ticket and asked her to help me concentrate on that number. I pictured the actual ticket in my head during the first half of the play and especially during intermission. The number they drew was three numbers off, but still one of my tickets. I’m sure everyone reading this so far figures this is coincidence, but one week later my wife and I were at a church auction where there was again a 50/50 drawing. We used the same technique and won again, this time off by only two numbers.
    I have found that this has worked best when there is more than one person concentrating on the winning number, when nobody else is putting the same amount of effort into a competing number, when the total number of possibilities is small, and when the drawing is being done manually instead of electronically.
    Therefore, unless you can get everyone you know to really concentrate on one particular set of numbers up to and during the lottery drawing, I doubt that creative visualization would have any significant impact on a drawing of that size.
    On a side note, research has shown that total number of violent deaths in Washington DC has decreased in conjunction with massive meditation gatherings that have been held at the capitol.

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