For example, if you win the lottery and receive $ 2000 a week throughout your life, and then marry later, if for some reason, the marriage went bad and get a divorce – that a lottery win is 2000 per week to share your ex-husband? Or should he not demand because you entered the marriage with the fact that you won the lottery? In any case, it would be good to have a mating agreement to ensure that lottery win?



  • I think a pre-nup is a good and sensible idea at any income level, regardless of the source of the income.
    Throughout history, many cultures have had some sort of marriage contract protecting the assets of both the husband and the wife. In Judaism it’s called a ketubah.
    People like to say if you want a pre-nup you shouldn’t get married, but I disagree with that idea. People focus too much on the romance of it all, but not the practicality and later on that lack of attention to practical matters can be a real downfall. Despite all the best intentions, people can and sometimes do change their feelings about the person they marry, and the person who claimed they loved you so much in the past can and often will become downright hateful, spiteful and greedy and can do some pretty meanspirited things to drain you both psychologically and financially.
    With a pre-nup you at least have that financial protection…and if nothing goes wrong, then great…but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of insurance and protection…and if a person truly loves someone else, then they’ll understand that rather than use social engineering to manipulate a person from protecting themselves. Look at what happened with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, not to mention Phil Collins and his 3d wife, the former GMA host Joan Lunden and her ex-husband, and numerous other people in the public eyes both male and female who are now stuck paying alimony….if they had made pre-nups, they could’ve saved themselves a lot of drama as well as financial loss.

  • I think that anything you receive while you are married you will have to split — you can’t say “everything is both of ours except this $2000/wk that I’m going to keep for myself just in case we ever break up.” But if you want to keep her hands off the $2000/wk that you receive AFTER the marriage is over, then yes you will have to sign a prenup with her. But she may get payments out of you another way, so you might have to end up paying her part of the 2000 anyway.

  • I will answer this, but first:
    Winning the lottery is one of the most deceitful events that can happen to a person. It has the ability to instantly inflate one’s ego, and cause that person’s heart to become hard and cold toward others.
    The love of money is the root of all evil. This is always true.
    So, if it is possible for the lottery winner to not become attached to the money, but instead become attached to a noble cause to donate a good percentage of it to (how did you possibly manage to survive without the lottery? Then you wouldn’t mind giving 30% of it away, would you? You still have 70% of it, which you didn’t have before… (?))
    My answer about the prenup:
    Your conscience holds the answer.

  • No, she would not get a bunch, because it was something that you had before the marriage. However, I would still get a prenup, because, some of these lawyers would try to steal it from you, even though it was yours.
    That’s the way it is for a guy in a divorce.
    What’s hers is hers, and what’s his will soon be hers if she can get her hands on it. Do a prenup, anyway!

  • With out a prenup all of your assets are open to possible threat if the marriage went sour. Each person feels different about this,
    It will be up to you and your future wife.
    Some people have a protection order for life and some have it for a period of years. Like after 10yrs it is null and void. Or after 4 children so on..
    So it can be written any way you want.
    Remember your future wife has to go along with this to. Because it’s a very romantic conversation 🙂 (sarcasm

  • I know I would. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes you have to protect yourself even if you didn’t win the lottery. Some people will try and get everything you own. So, yes get a prenuptial agreement to protect your @ss & your @ssets.

  • I don’t think she would have claim to it but if you had children and then got divorces it would be counted as “income” and your child support payments are calculated on income.

  • Yes because any income that is earned during the marriage is technically fair game if no conditions were set.

  • Yes she would get a bunch, yes a prenup would be wise.

  • NO! That’s a TERRIBLE idea.
    Wanna get married?? Huh?

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