If I win the Lotto where do I go to turn in my ticket to redeem my winnings and is it possible to do discretely?



  • your local lottery retailer look on back of ticket , btw send me a peice of it for helpn 🙂

  • There’s really no need to be discreet. If you won a sizable amount (over $600 for most lottery winnings), you should contact the lottery commission directly. Don’t try to cash a $50,000 ticket at the liquor store where you purchased the ticket.

  • It depends on how much you win, I think. A few dollars, and you can just get the money from the place that gave you the ticket..but I think if it’s a thousand dollars or more, you gotta go to the lottery headquarters in your state.

    There should be info about it on your state’s lottery website

  • In most states you have 180 days to redeem winning tickets. They have to be redeemed at lottery hq in the state where the tickets were bought.

    In the unlikely event you win a jackpot a person would be well advised to do some quiet thinking, consult an attorney, maybe create a trust fund, before announcing himself/herself as a winner. Having the attorney claim the prize on behalf of the trust fund might allow the winner to remain anonymous.

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