like do they have to make you sign stuff and mail it and then wait or is there an office where they just give it to you or something?



  • It varies from country to country, state to state, and province to province.

    It should say on the back of your ticket.

  • For large amounts, you have to go to the lottery place to produce the winning ticket and claim your money. You also have to sign your name (IRS wants their share). In Maryland, anything under $500, you can cash at any place that sells the lottery ticket.

  • it depends on the amount. if you won a large sum then obviously the deli cant cash it for you, you have to do go through the lottery office. otherwise you can cash it in the store as soon as you want.

  • 2nd answer.

  • when i have an instant win i just turn it back and get my money or more tickets

  • It took the State of PA over two months to pay me $1000. I had to file a claim since my winning ticket was over $500. On the paperwork, it indicated that you would receive a check in 3-6 weeks after they receive your claim. There are stores that will pay you and they will submit the ticket and receive the tax write-off.

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