What if you became very wealthy over night should your new vote go to McCain instead of Obama?



  • Continuation of Bush

    November 5, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    McCain’s tax policies would ultimately favor upper-income families.

  • No – becoming rich would not change my conscience.

  • I would still vote McCain…. I am not rich and Im for this country…. so I’m for McCain

  • No, I would not.

  • No, I would move to the Bahamas baby!

  • in general as people get older and more affluent they become republican.

  • No I would still vote for Obama

  • No.

    I would not lose my heart just because I had money.

    Obama is just the right choice, if you care.

  • No. it is not about having money. it is about caring for people. I would give much of the money away. I know to republican this sound crazy. but hey i care for the poor. I have money now and i give it away. not all dems are poor. we care.

  • I don’t know! I fear the future of middle and lower class which is part of the reason I will vote Obama. But if things were stable than I would vote McCain. I support invading Iran. There’s a lot going on in that country and we need to take some serious actions before its too late!

  • I would still vote for Obama it’s more than just about the money

  • No. I love America more than I love money.

  • Yes absolutely that is true. The more you make, the more conservative you become in your ideology. When you have nothing, it is easy to be liberal.

    In fact – look at the voting by income group. The only group the Democrats ever carry consistently are those making less than $15,000 a year. The Dems have no real incentive to “help” they poor, like they always claim. The poor are their most reliable voters!

  • No, there’s still the Palin factor

  • I dont think there is a reason at all existing for me to want that man in power. Only if a loaded gun is at my temple..then again…

  • You should vote for McCain anyway. Obama wants to DISARM this country of nuclear weapons…after that he may want to disarm citizens who “cling to their guns”….sounds like the start of a dictatorship to me.

  • Why? do the American electors base their ellection choice on income?

    Why elect then? why don’t you just let the IRA decide who’s president?!!!

  • Nope, I love my country.

  • xoxo secret sparkle xoxo

    November 5, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    good question. but i care about other people in the usa so i would keep my vote to obama

  • Not with Sarah Palin on the ticket.

  • Heck no.

    But I would seriously consider leaving the U.S.

    This country has lost its way and is sinking faster than the Titanic.

    Prez. Numb Nuts and his evil cohorts are the captain of this sinking ship, and both the Republicans and Democrats are the icebergs.

  • actually you should change your nationality to Cayman Islander

  • I wouldn’t have to change my vote. I’d stay with McCain.

  • I guess you have a valid point here because if you are really rich McCain will help you with more tax cuts and loopholes so you do not have to pay taxes on your wealth, but if you are not rich ,forget it ..McCain will not help Social Security or Medicare he is trying to actually faze it out He says social security taxes should be invested in the stock market, win or lose . hmmmmmm ( why do I not trust the stock market?) home of his buddies.He does not want a National health programs. He does not even know how many houses he owns ..

  • no, I would move to the french riviera.

  • No. because must first make money on your investments before you care about the taxes you pay, and the Bush economic polices, that McCain supports, have not been good for investors. The stock market is about to break 10,000 again, but on the way down, and I could not even find a safe bank to keep my money in.

  • well if I became poor, didn’t plan for my future, and just wanted people to give me money I would surely become a democrat.

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