In the United States, Little Lotto is known to have better odds than other lottery games. In fact, it had the lowest odds pick until in 2004 when the playing number field was raised from 30 to 39 in Illinois. Playing Little Lotto is like playing Lotto; they differ only in terms of playing fields and the number of balls drawn. Because there are fewer odd picks in Little Lotto (five) than in Lotto (six), you have more chances of winning with Little Lotto. To win the Illinois Little Lotto jackpot, your choice of five unique numbers drawn from a field of 39 must match the drawing numbers. Want to win more than a whopping $100,000 by playing Little Lotto in Illinois? Here are several effective strategies you can use to raise your chances of hitting that much coveted jackpot. For sure, you know that in lottery games, numbers are drawn randomly. However, randomly drawn numbers can build patterns that can be tracked down, analyzed, and used for your success. Playing the possibilities is the name of the game in any kind of lottery. If you go for a number pattern that rarely occurs, then you are more likely to lose. On the other hand, if you pick number patterns that occur most of the time, you can almost expect that you have high chances of winning the Little Lotto. Therefore, the key to snatching the jackpot prize in the Illinois Little Lotto is picking numbers wisely. More often than not, winning numbers are distributed across the whole number field. In Little Lotto with 39 numbers in the field, there’s the low half (1 to 20) and high half (21 to 39). Your chance of winning is as little as only 3 percent if you choose all high numbers or all low numbers. The best technique here is to pick two high and three low numbers (2/3) or three high and two low number combinations (3/2). Either of these two combinations will most likely occur (about 64 percent) in the drawings. Another strategy you can use in Illinois Little Lotto is picking a balanced combination of even and odd numbers. It rarely happens that all even or all odd numbers are drawn in this lottery game. The chance is as little as 2 percent. It is recommended that in terms of even-odd number selection, you use the 3/2 combination (three odd and two even numbers) or 2/3 combination (two odd and three even numbers). Either of these two number patterns will appear in 66 percent of the lottery drawings. When you’re done selecting your five Illinois Little Lotto numbers, get their sum and be sure it falls somewhere between 75 and 125. This will ensure you have 70 percent chance of winning the Illinois Little Lotto game. For more 5/39 strategies, you can get online tools such as special software and gambling publications offered by various sites on the Internet. Just be sure you get them only from reputable sources. Remember, it pays to have a tried and tested system and strategy in place to rake in consistent profits from Illinois Little Lotto and other state lottery games.

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