During my stay in Illinois, I am lucky to come across an old friend of mine who is fond of lottery. He seems ecstatic in telling me that he has been winning the lottery. He told me that he won at least six times ever since he read about a really amazing Illinois lottery pick 3 tips from a certain website. I thought he was just fooling around until he showed me his winning tickets. Indeed, he was speaking the truth. I immediately asked him about where he got the Illinois lottery pick 3 tips, which he generously shared to me. I am not fond of betting on lottery especially in a not so familiar place like Illinois but I thought it certainly worth the try since I have nothing better to do as for the moment. So I visited the website and from there I learned that there are 9 ways to win pick 3 in Illinois. The categories are straight, 3-way box, 6-way box, 3-way combo, 6-way combo, 3-way straight/box, 6-way straight/box, front pair and back pair. Knowing the mechanics of the game instantly attracted me since at least I know now my odds in winning the game. Quite familiar with statistics, I easily deduced that the odds of me winning the game is quite high but I don’t want to spoil my money over something for the first time so I proceeded in reading the Illinois lottery pick 3 tips. I learned from Illinois lottery pick 3 tips that consistency in betting is important in order to win the game. I have to be able to come up with a list of the past results of the numbers that frequently appeared until I come up with a really good combination. Moreover, I should also keep a set of back up set of numbers just for the purpose of lowering the odds of me losing. And when things comes to worse, I should also try betting on a more winnable category like front pick or back pick just to make sure that I get my money back. There are a lot of other Illinois lottery pick 3 tips that I learned from that specific website which I will be sharing to you later on. There is really nothing special about it except that most of the bettors overlook some of the helpful facts in that Illinois lottery pick 3 tips maybe because they are betting in haste or they have already set their mind on a good combination of numbers. Whatever their reason is the fact remains that lottery is just a game of chance, there will always be a loser and there will always be a winner. To end I should say that the Illinois lottery pick 3 tips which can be found in the link. The tips where quite helpful to me and it should be to you. I won several times now that is why I keep coming back to Illinois just to place my bets.

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