Does lotto magic really hold the magic formula for you to gain access to the winning lotto numbers of the Florida lotto? The idea behind this lotto magic is all in the numbers of course and they have figured out a “lotto system” if you will that will increase your odds of winning the Florida lotto dramatically. The basic lotto magic premise as I understand it is the same as what people are doing all over the world only they are doing it online.

You know those times when one of those national lotto winnings goes up to the stratosphere and starts making the news because it’s the biggest lotto jackpot in history. What’s the first thing that happens when word spreads to where you work or your inner circle of friends that the lotto jackpot is at record numbers? You start an office lotto pool or a lotto club to do what? You all pool your money together of course to increase your odds of winning the ultimate lotto jackpot.

So why not join a lotto club that not only puts you in favor with the lotto odds of winning but also eliminates the hassle of having to drive down to the local store to get your weekly lotto tickets. Better yet why not join a lotto club that also eliminates the need for you to even live in the state that lotto club is buying tickets for.

So what are some of the more common questions when people find this lotto magic club? They normally have questions like does the state of Florida recognize lotto clubs or lotto pools? The answer to that of course is yes as pretty much every state that runs a lotto accepts the concept of lotto clubs or lotto pools. After all you are merely promoting the purchase of more lotto tickets it’t not like you are reselling lotto tickets. How old do you have to be to join a lotto club? This is again pretty much a standard across the board for all lotto playing in the US, you have to be eighteen years old to play the lotto. Does lotto magic guarantee that you will win the lotto? Again this is a pretty simple answer of course it’s not the answer that any of us would like to hear but it is no. The concept of lotto magic is merely a high tech way to include people from all over the world into an easy to access online lotto pool.