The iPad is undoubtedly one of the hottest gadgets in the market today. iPad is an absolutely novel device-not one of those smart phones which are perennial bestselling gadgets, and not quite a laptop computer either. SO what is it? It’s a tablet device that does not come with a physical keyboard, but with a touchpad. It is used to surf the net, send and receive email, and view multimedia. Due to the large touchscreen it’s ideal for surfing the internet, watching movies and photos and of course to read ebooks. It is also a portable music player, like an oversized iPod with many add-on features.

Of course you can download files, books, games, movies, and music off the internet right to your iPad. Like the gadget itself, iPad downloads are also much sought after, making them among the most frequently downloaded content from the Internet.

Apps are applications or programs that run on the iPad. Many iPad apps also run on other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apps vary greatly in nature and function. They include games, utilities, ebook readers, multimedia players, calendar and productivity tools, magazines, and educational software. You can already choose from thousands of apps for iPad and the number is growing every day. Most apps that work on the iPhone can be imported into the iPad, retained in the original display size or expanded to fill out the larger iPad screen.

One does not wonder that one of the most popular iPad downloads are iPad games. There are iPad games for users of different ages, interests, and levels. Among the most popular iPad games are Scrabble, Real Racing 2010, F1 2010, Labyrinth 2 HD, Asphalt 5 HD and At Bat 2010.

Another top downloaded iPad app is The Elements, an educational app, and Alphabet Fun, which is great for young learners. Other apps that are a must have are The Weather Channel and various dailies such as Wall Street Journal or USA Today. Ebooks have significantly become trendier and in demand with the introduction of the iPad.

The iPad is an excellent ebook reader that allows easy, customizable reading. You can easily change the font size, place bookmarks, make notes, flip through the chapters, and search for words and phrases within the book.