I play free lotto every day. Is it an actual lottery where you can actually win?, or am I just wasting time every day?



  • Wasting your time. No lottery is FREE and even if the lottery contacts you and announces that you are a winner – it then becomes a scam. It is illegal to play and win any lottery that is outside of your country. I don’t even play the Free Lottery and they have contacted me several times that I have won. I however don’t respond except to first block them from my email and then delete the false and misleading message.

  • There is nothing “free” in the world.

    Ever see the pop up saying you won a “free” laptop computer? If you go to claim it, they ask for your e-mail address and other information. All they really want is your e-mail so they can start spamming you. They then lead you down the path to glory, by asking you to check on free information you would like to receive. They give you a list, you have to check NO for each one or you get the spam. After 30 minutes of that, you get tired and quit. THEN you start getting the spam from all those you did not do. And guess what, no free laptop. Free lotteries are the same.
    You register your e-mail and of course, the odds of winning are so high, they never have to pay off. THEN they start spamming you.

    If something is offered for “free” and they want your e-mail address, it is nothing but a set up for spam. Don’t do it.

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